1. Heavy Metal and powder coated
  2. Many mounting holes have given for easy attachment of development board, sensor modules, etc
  3. Dimensions: 250 x 13o x 60 mm(LxWxH)
  4. Weight: 230 gm.
  5. Color: Black(External)
  6. Material: Metal sheet
  7. Sheet Thickness: 0.75 mm

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Chassis Board is brand new palletized Powder coated with scratch and corrosion resistant metal body chassis for small DIY hobby projects purpose with readymade 4 holes for motor fitting on its side edge and 1 hole at the top for wiring purpose.

This Chassis board is widely used as a  mechanical frame structure of the mobile robots. 

It is the backbone of the robot, where we arrange and connect everything like motors, sensors, and wheels. It gives you the base to build our robot and allow you to place your components according to requirements.

Material of the Chassis:

The material of chassis should be:-

  • High  durable
  • High non- flexible
  • More strength
  • Light weight
  • Has potential safety hazards
  • Can be re shape easily
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Compression and depression
  • Highly rigid


  • Single type of screw should be compatible
  • Motor Clamp should be present                                                   
  • There should be enough space between the chassis and the wheel for proper movement of the wheel
  • This Chassis board can be used for two  motor based robot
  • This chassis can be used to build for mobile robots
  • This chassis can have one rotary castor wheel for balancing the robot so that it is not tilted to one side of it.
  • This chassis can be used along with the Robosapiens Development board              
  • 8051 Development Board
  • AT89sXX Development Board With LCD Interfacing
  • Arduino Mega 2560       
  • Arduino Uno     

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 190 × 105 × 40 cm


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